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Intelligent, Customisable Incident Management Software

Our incident management platform is a full end to end safety reporting and incident management system. Manage injury reports, security incidents, property damage, safety observations and corrective actions, investigations, near miss reports, environmental incidents through to your own custom created forms.

  • Follow up workflows for Hazard Reporting and investigations
  • Form builder to create any type of reporting form
  • Build any type of registry
  • Ready to go library of incident report forms
  • Custom notification workflows
  • Smart form logic

  • Safety Insights and Diagnostics

    Injury Management & Workers Comp Claims System

    Safety Walk By

    Safety Documentation and Resources

    Risk Matrix and Risk Registries


    Safety Insights and Diagnostics

    A real-time hyper aware diagnostic and safety insights reporting tool that helps identify concern areas, gaps, trends, opportunities, shortfalls and predictive analysis.

  • Diagnostic tool on reported incidents to work out what led to the incident, root causes and actions to prevent it
  • Highly customisable and advanced reporting dashboard
  • Safety insights
  • LTI and other statistics

  • Injury Management & Workers Comp Claims System

    Platform for managing an injury in the workplace from start to finish. Full workers comp claim management with return to work plan, diagnostic, investigation, notes, medical certificate and appointment management, treatment history and liability outcome. Includes full communication and appointment management, letter templates and claim accounts management. Registry of open claims and tools to help manage all aspects of an injury / workers comp claim.

  • Medical certificate management
  • Return to work plan
  • Custom notification rules
  • Workplace rehab appointments and history
  • Workers comp claim management
  • Liability decision
  • Full record keeping management relating to the injury
  • Safety Walk By

    One of many safety tools we have developed for digitising typically paper based processes. The leadership safety walkby is perfect for categorising work areas by risk level and creating automated online workflows for a safety walk by process. Management or other staff conducting safety walk by's can do so straight from a tablet or mobile phone, capture photos of different areas, colour code by risk level and establish a more centralised and real-time approach.

    Safety Documentation and Resources

    Our platform allows you to centralise all safety documentation with version control, date published and split into different categories. Common areas include:

  • Tool Box Meetings
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Audits & Inspections
  • Policies
  • Manuals
  • Circulars
  • Procedures
  • Risk Matrix and Risk Registries

    Create custom risk matrix, risk classification tables, risk registries with notifications, alerts, escalation rules and custom risk workflows.

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