Create Safety Surveys and Generate Insights

Create Safety Surveys

Create safety surveys and gather feedback on safety in the workplace from contractors, employees and visitors. Design health and safety surveys for the workforce

  • Automated insights surveys
  • Feedback automatically after their induction
  • Get an understanding of priorities, safety understanding, identify areas that need attention
  • Highlight strengths and weaknesses for improvement
  • Create contractor, visitor or employee specific surveys
  • Trigger based on the rules you define
  • How well were they engaged a
  • Get the pulse of your workforce on topics ranging from safety awareness, quality & priorities
  • Generate Insights

    Identify early warning signs that could prevent an incident or serious accident

  • Compare trends
  • Highlight early warning signs
  • Compile feedback into actionable insights

    Setup automatic workflows

    Trigger surveys based on rules, milestones, follow ups, prompts, actions and the job activities of your contractors, employees and visitors

    Automatically issue based on custom workflows such as issuing at the end of an induction, after completing work on site or in response to an incident
  • Get started here with a safety survey process

    Generate your own custom safety surveys based on different site specific or role specific rules