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Induct contractors, visitors, employees and other role types into your workplace with the best Online Induction

Our flagship and most popular product: is used by organisations across the planet to induct their workforce online. From contractor, employee, visitor through to volunteer inductions and site specific inductions, you can customise your induction experience to suit any business requirement.

An induction is a critical first introduction to a workplace, site, role or project about important safety, policies, procedures, site access, workplace requirements, risks and hazards to be aware of and so it's important to ensure you get your induction right and create a truly high impact and engaging experience for new starters, regardless of their role.

Contractor Management & Contractor Inductions

Employee Inductions, Onboarding and New Starter Engagement

Visitors and Volunteers

Site Management

Contractor Management System

Comprehensive tools for managing contractors from prequalification of contracting companies around their risk and safety history through to performance management, safety reviews, site access tracking and history, insurances and licenses management, full compliance history and ongoing compliance checks of contractors and subcontractors and advanced workflows around ongoing contractor management.

  • Contractor prequalification process
  • Company compliance management
  • Tools to create the best contractor and subcontractor inductions
  • Induction card printing and management
  • Licenses and insurance management
  • Contractor performance management
  • Safety and risk review
  • Subcontractor management
  • Permit to work program
  • Safety documentation mamagement such as SWMS's
  • Site access requests

  • A good contractor induction can help prevent incidents from occurring, prepare contractors for their job role and activity and ensure they are compliant in order to be working on site in the first place.

    The platform pioneers the way forward in creating the most high impact and engaging induction experiences for contractors.

    Employee Inductions, Onboarding and New Starter Engagement

    Helping new starters be fully prepared for their new workplace and job role through creating the best of the best employee inductions and post day 1 onboarding experience. Right from that first phone call telling the applicant they were successful and got the job, the induction should be the next step in preparing that applicant for the workplace. The employee induction covers important policies, procedures, safety, risks and hazards to be aware of, code of conduct through to collecting important information as part of the payroll process and many other employee onboarding workflows.

  • Tools to create the best employee induction
  • Post day 1 automated onboarding workflows
  • New starter engagement forms, content and workflows for HR managers
  • Centralise new employee knowledge
  • Capture important new starter documents, certifications, payroll and other important new employee materials
  • Policies, procedures, safety and risks
  • Visitors and Volunteer Induction

    Visitors and volunteer inductions are important to ensure they are fully prepared for their visitor or activity with the workplace. Inducting them on site access procedures, safety materials, policies and procedures to follow, how to report an incident when something goes wrong, hazards and risks to be aware of when visiting or performing their activity in the workplace are all common areas delivered through a visitor or volunteer online induction.
  • Creating the best visitor or volunteer online induction experience
  • Preparing visitors and volunteers for the workplace and their activity
  • Visualise site access and emergency assembly areas online using interactive visual tools and virtual displays
  • Policies and procedures to follow
  • Evacuation procedures and collecting next of kin / emergency contact details
  • How to sign in and out on site
  • Site Management

    When it comes to inductions across multiple workplaces, sites or projects, it can be extremely complex to manage a large workforce who need to show proof of compliance across multiple regions, sites or projects and need to go through site specific inductions for each one.

    We've developed incredible site induction tools and site management modules to create a virtual presence of your site portfolio

  • Site specific inductions
  • Emergency procedure preparations
  • Induction cards for a portfolio of sites
  • Risk and hazard awareness across site specific locations and site specific materials, plant and equipment
  • Site specific notifications
  • Block access to site
  • Site compliance management
  • Get started here with the ultimate induction platform

    From contractor management through to employee inductions, onboarding and ongoing management, visitor or site inductions