AI Powered Safety Chatbot

Safey Chatbot - AI powered assistant thats answers frequently asked safety questions

An AI powered safety chatbot that acts as an assistant for your workforce answering natural language safety questions. Safety chatbot provides fast access to safety resources, materials and knowledge on demand and answers frequently asked safety questions.

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  • Index your safety content and materials, policies and procedures
  • Plugin our AI safety chatbot and let it answer the safety questions from your contractors or employees

    AI for faster access to information

    Ask natural language questions and get instant answers on your workforce.

  • Powerful AI based frequently asked safety assistant
  • Responds to natural language questions
  • Provides direct links to resources in response to questions such as permits, safety forms, documentation, policies, procedures or training content

    AI assistant for faster access to safety resources

  • Reduce frequently asked questions to the safety team
  • Contractors and employees can ask about forms, permits, procedures, documentation, site access or other common safety resources
  • A powerful 24/7 safety assistant for every safety team!

    Adding an AI Safety Chatbot to your safety team to answer those frequently asked questions

    How many questions does your team get over and over that the AI could help answer?
  • Where do I get a permit to work form?
  • Where is the confined space form?
  • What is the site access procedure for after hours access?
  • Where do contractors enter site?
  • Where is the emergency evacuation area?
  • How do I submit an incident report?
  • How do I report a hazard?

    Do these questions sound familiar? Imagine having an AI Safety Chatbot in place that could help answer these types of questions for your workplace.

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