AI powered Safety and HR tools

AI for verifying licenses and certifications

Save time with the real time verification of insurances, certifications and evidence of training using our AI technology.

  • Verify the correct insurances and certifications are provided by staff
  • Verify the correct insurance is held
  • Verify the correct coverage
  • Prevent mistakes and identify issues with licenses, ticks, certifications and insurances faster

    Let the AI do the review and checking for you

  • Powerful AI based verification checks
  • Let the AI identify the problems for you

    Automatically detects at time of upload, real-time verification

  • Checks for expiry dates to ensure they are valid
  • Checks the type of upload, makes sure its actually the right document
  • Checks for other important information off the document such as coverage amount

    It's time to let the AI do all the work for you

  • No more reviewing and approving licenses and certifications
  • Get started here with Work Verify