Work Order: Maintenance Management Software

Custom Maintenance Management and Building Maintenance Software

Highly customisable software for facility and building maintenance management fully integrated into the compliance process for the ultimate maintenance management meets contractor management. Why is the contractor coming in on site in the first place? The Work Order product is our maintenance management software for managing when and why a contractor is engaged to perform a job activity on site.

  • Log Maintenance Work Requests
  • Assign as Work Orders
  • Work Order Management
  • Log a maintenance work request
  • Create and assign as a work order
  • Assign work orders to preferred and inducted contractors
  • Comprehensive work order management
  • Asset management and registries
  • Tenant management
  • Building owner dashboards
  • Ensure only compliant contractors are assigned a Work Order

    Fully integrate the contractor management and compliance process to Work Orders and maintenance management

  • Prevent non compliant contractors being assigned a work order
  • Integrate real-time verification checks around insurances and certifications

    Dashboards for owners, facility managers and property managers

    Specific role based work order dashboards

  • Custom to portfolios or sites

    Centralise documentation

    Financial Reports, Rent Review Reports, Arrears Reports, Lease Expiry Reports, Property Inspection Reports, Audit Reports, Minutes and meetings, Plans, Commercial Leases, Residential Leases, Tenancy Schedules and even Building Photos.

    Strata Management

    Manage and centralise strata proposals through to a registry of council members, interactive to do list and council dashboard

    Building, asset and portfolio management

    Interactive asset registry, tenant registry, costs, quotes, preventative maintenance through to work order history and trends
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